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The Long-Term Effects of Blocked Drains in Croydon

During particularly heavy periods of wet weather in the autumn, summer and spring, homeowners in Croydon often feel the brunt of nature with blocked drains. Colder temperatures, pooling water and even blustery winds accumulate to leave a drain blocked, and letting obstructions sit unattended could impact the integrity of the entire system.


A blocked drain left for weeks or months will only get worse and, as things deteriorate, the cost of repair work increases. Instead of leaving drains blocked, we always urge you to call the team at RAC Drainage & Maintenance. Located in Banstead, we cover all locations in the Surrey area including Croydon. We’re the local and regional drain unblocking specialists.


With a genuine 24-hour service that’s available 365 days of the year, we offer responsive callouts and clear blocked drains using a variety of traditional and modern systems. Home and business owners in Croydon never have to worry about normal business hours when they have a drain blocked because we’re always there to help – come rain or shine!


Are you a property owner in Croydon with concerns over a blocked drain? Here, we explain why it’s never a good idea to leave drains blocked any longer than is necessary.



The high pressure that results from blocked drains caused worrying cracks to the interior and exterior pipework, and this leads to leaks. The biggest problem associated with leaks is mould, and a build-up of mould leads to the structural damage of many properties in the Croydon area every year. Leaving a drain blocked could result in major, costly repair work.

Older buildings tend to be a little more vulnerable to leaks and mould when compared to newer properties, so be particularly proactive with the block drain of a period home.


Water Resurgence

Any drains blocked with winter debris or obstructions will experience reduced waste and water flow. In particularly bad cases, water may not drain away at all. Dirty, contaminated water from a blocked drain, if it backs up into a sink, a bath or a toilet, could result in health risks. The unpleasant smell of blocked drains also affects property owners in Croydon.


Leaving a drain blocked in the hope that things will resolve themselves naturally is unrealistic, and we advise that you seek professional help before water resurgence occurs.


Structural Damage

It isn’t always easy to identify the cause of a blocked drain. That’s why it always makes sense to call in the professionals whenever a property in Croydon has drainage issues. Drains blocked with obstructions usually clear easily with the use of the proper equipment but badly blocked drains may already be causing bigger problems you just can’t see.

A drain blocked by tree roots will nearly always require major repair work. We can arrange a prompt underground CCTV survey to let you know the condition of the full drainage system.

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