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Avoid Blocked Drains in Croydon

At RAC Drainage & Maintenance Ltd we offer many drainage solution services for customers in Croydon. You only ever tend to think about a blocked drain after it’s happened. The drainage system can be complex but most drains blocked can be prevented with an inspection by one of our team.


5 Step Plan


Here we have laid out our 5 Steps to help you avoid blocked drains at your Croydon property.

1. Odours – If you have unpleasant odours emitting from your Croydon drains, chances are you’ve a blockage causing the unpleasant smell. It could be a build-up of food, fat deposits, hair and various other materials that is causing the smell and a potentially blocked drain. We can arrange a periodical visit to check your drains and pipes which will keep the stink away from your home and family.


2. Bacteria – This may not be the first thing that comes to mind as you don’t tend to think about a drain blocked until it’s happened. Due to the amount of waste that’s deposited on a weekly basis, this can become a real issue if blocked drains occur. Getting your drains checked and cleaned can help avoid any potential illness and rid the pipes of harmful bacteria.


3. Rain Fall – Heavy rain is a constant problem, especially mixed with strong winds. This means debris such as leaves, twigs and other loose materials can cause a blocked drain at your Croydon address. With a regular servicing by our team, we can make sure that any potential drain blocked is a thing of the past.


4. Avoiding Blocked Drains – From a blocked sink to a blocked drain, we offer advice on how to avoid causing an issue by negligence or misunderstanding. Basic issues like sanitary products and nappies are not meant to be thrown in the toilet. If you do happen to have a blocked drain, don’t be alarmed. We offer a 24 hour emergency service and aim to be with you as quickly as possible.


5. Save Money – As with all servicing, whether it’s a boiler or a car, our drain servicing is designed to prevent you from having long term issues in which a blocked drain could potentially cost you thousands. With our professional team to visit your Croydon home regularly, you’ll avoid any unnecessary expensive pay-outs.


Why not call us now and book an appointment for a drain service? If you do have drains blocked then don’t hesitate to ring us now on 07799 146211. We are on call 24/7.