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Blocked Drain in Kingston-upon-Thames | The Health Risks

The health risks of a blocked drain may not be immediately obvious but ignoring problems with your system leads to stagnating water, unpleasant smells and possible issues with the wellbeing of your family or your workforce. If you live in the Kingston-upon-Thames area and have drains blocked, there’s a strong indication of a possible structural problem in the system or an issue with water resurgence, and you would be right to be concerned.


Blocked drains most frequently affect household areas such as kitchen, toilets and bathrooms. Irrespective of where the problem might lie in the drainage system of your Kingston-upon-Thames property, the health risks associated with having a drain blocked stem from the build-up of stagnant water. An immediate resolution is essential.


These are the three most common health risks associated with blocked drains:


Stagnant Water

Keep in mind that with most homes in the Kingston-upon-Thames area, water is already dirty by the time in enters the drainage system. When sat inside a blocked drain over an extended period of time, the problem inevitably worsens. Drains blocked by obstructions and steeped with dirty water are breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria.


Indeed, unattended blocked drains may ultimately lead to disease. Did you know that even a drain blocked with water that reaches the system clean and uncontaminated encourages the growth of deadly bacteria such as Legionella? As you might expect, the health concerns spawned from stagnant water at your Kingston-upon-Thames home are very real indeed.


Unpleasant Smells

In nearly all cases, blocked drains smell repugnant and become an immediate, sometimes overpowering health concern. While odours aren’t necessarily toxic, the presence of bad smells makes us feel stressful and anxious, or even nauseous. A drain blocked with dirty, stagnant water worsens over time, and the symptoms you experience worsen in turn.


Just because a foul-smelling blocked drain at your Kingston-upon-Thames property isn’t immediately harmful to health, the long-term implications of stress are. That’s why drains blocked with debris and contaminated water always require prompt attention.


Illness and Irritation

Blocked drains nearly always heighten existing health problems. Asthma suffers in Kingston-upon-Thames, for example, experience more frequent attacks when there’s a drain blocked in close proximity. Those with allergies and other sensitivities also suffer. Waste water from a blocked drain also results in skin complaints if you happen to come into contact with it.


If you have drains blocked at your home or business, we hope you understand just how important it is to call out a team of professionals to alleviate the obstruction. Indeed, your life could depend on it and that’s why we always provide the most responsive of services.

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