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Drains Blocked Solutions in Kingston upon Thames

At RAC Drainage & Maintenance Ltd we find that one of the best ways to deal with an old or cracked pipe or consistent blocked drain problems in Kingston upon Thames, is to install drain lining.


Drain lining is the easiest and most cost effective solution for a broken and blocked drain. Since its inception a few years ago, it’s revolutionised the way blocked drains specialists such as us, repair broken pipework.


In the past damaged pipes in Kingston upon Thames would need to be excavated which would include digging through lawns, flower beds, block paving and concrete. This is not only a massive upheaval but also comes at a pretty price. The most common causes of damaged pipework are as follows:


Tree Root Infiltration - If your tree is within your Kingston upon Thames property, there’s a risk of damage to your drains as the roots can cause pressure to old pipework and cause it to break and crack. A drain blocked by this method can cause deep unpleasant smells and stop the flow of water and waste.


Water Freezing – In winter it’s not uncommon for water to be left inside drainage pipes which can cause the drains in Kingston upon Thames to crack. The ground above which contains moisture will freeze and can dislodge the earth around the pipe. When it thaws the contraction can cause damage and as the years go by the underground drain can sag and in some cases collapse.


Wear and Tear – Wear and tear is a very common cause of causing blocked drains in Kingston upon Thames. Sometimes the drain will need to be excavated completely to be replaced. First we use our CCTV survey cameras. This helps us pinpoint exactly how extensive the damage is before we go any further.


Drain Lining Installation Services


Our no dig technology will allow full repair of the pipework if we feel that the pipe doesn’t need to be removed.

If the drains blocked, we’ll clear it with our special high pressure jet- washer first and then if there’s stubborn roots that won’t come away we’ll have to cut the offending parts away. We will also remove any broken pipework so to give the drain lining a smooth run in to the existing Kingston upon Thames pipe.


Drain lining is a pipe within a pipe. It’s fitted so it unravels internally and expands and hardens to become a perfect shape inside the damaged pipe. Once fitted, we survey the pipe again and hopefully consign the blocked drain to a thing of the past.


If you have a drain blocked, call us now on 07799 146211. Our team will be with you shortly. We cover Kingston upon Thames and Surrey.