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Blocked Drains in Leatherhead | Clearance Equipment

Drain clearance companies have a number of different methods available to clear blocked drains. Homeowners in the Leatherhead area might find a drain blocked because of grease and fat accumulating on pipework walls, hair blocking plumbing components, incorrectly flushing sanitary items down the toilet or tree roots invading the drainage system.


A blocked drain raises issues with leaks, water resurgence and structural damage to Leatherhead properties. If you suspect you have drains blocked at your home or business, call in a team of professionals at the earliest opportunity. RAC Drainage & Maintenance work out of Banstead, and we cover the whole of Leatherhead and the surrounding areas.


We have the following drain clearance systems at our disposal:



Rods clear blocked drains with minor obstructions easily. Threaded at each end, they join together to create a long structure which reaches deep into the drainage systems of Leatherhead properties. The rods dislodge the obstruction so that our operatives can retrieve foreign objects, usually from a point in the system where a manhole cover sits.


Our operatives normally tackle a drain blocked with nappies, wet wipes, sanitary towels or hair using rods first, but will move onto other systems if they don’t work.


High-Pressure Jet Washers

Jet washers propel water at high speeds deep into the system to clear a blocked drain. High pressures soften or emulsify contaminants such as grease and fat, even from the pipework walls, and restore the flow of water. All RAC Drainage & Maintenance vans carry high-pressure jet washers to clear drains blocked in the Leatherhead area if rods don’t work.


High-pressure jet washing is safe, fast and leaves behind a cleaner drainage system. With good household practices, it is more unlikely that you’ll suffer blockages in the near future.


Electro-Mechanical Cleaning

Our operatives use a motorised tool on blocked drains which rotates inside pipework to break down accumulated material. We call this electro-mechanical cleaning and often use it alongside high-pressure jet washing on really stubborn blockages in the Leatherhead area. Cables used with the tool pass through bends easily thanks to their flexible design.


The tool will clean anything from a drain blocked with grease to an underground system contaminated with incorrectly-discarded sanitary items.


Picotte Cutters

This variation of electro-mechanical cleaning sees a blocked drain tackled with rotating cables fitted with multi-tool heads, which are particularly effective in cutting from the front face to reduce hard debris. Drains blocked with scale clear incredibly well and this method is also ideal for use at Leatherhead properties where pipework is internally corroded.


Every employee at RAC Drainage & Maintenance receives training to safely use rods, high-pressure jet washers, electro-mechanical cleaners and picotte cutters.

To have blocked drains cleared at your Leatherhead property, call RAC Drainage & Maintenance on 01737 356866 or 07799 146211.