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The Most Common Causes of a Block Drain in Reigate

When it comes to blocked drains, no other company in the Reigate area can match RAC Drainage & Maintenance for experience. If you have a drain blocked, or if you have recently experienced problems with water resurgence or bad odour, a responsive service from a drain clearance company could save you from more costly and labour-intensive issues.


Drains blocked by debris clear reasonably quickly if work begins on them in a timely manner and with the correct equipment. Left unattended, however, a blocked drain soon becomes a financial headache for any property owner in Reigate.


Preventative measures help, and knowing what causes blocked drains is almost as important as knowing how to resolve any blockages that occur. Below, we give prospective customers in Reigate and the surrounding Surrey area a clear idea of why they might have a drain blocked, and how they can avoid the most common contaminants in the future.


Grease and Fat

In our experience, grease and fat are the two easiest things to avoid but they still seem to be the most frequent causes of a blocked drain. Grease and fat lock onto the sides of pipework to a point where clogs start to accumulate. Most drains blocked by grease and fat only become noticeable when the flow of water becomes restricted or stops completely.


Reigate homeowners can reduce fat and grease blockages by only disposing of liquids which will wash away into the drainage system without accumulating on the pipework walls.


Loose Hair

At first glance, hair seems too fine to be a major contributor to blocked drains but we’ve already cleared enough of it from homes in the Reigate area to know a thick build-up soon causes problems. If you’d prefer not to have a drain blocked with hair, and we’re quite sure that you don’t, you can find plenty of products in shops or online to prevent issues.


Plughole covers and strainers work brilliantly, and homeowners can also prevent blockages by never throwing the hair wrapped around brushes into basins, sinks or toilets.


Foreign Objects

While a small object is unlikely to cause a blocked drain by itself, a collection of items will soon stop the full and free flow of water. Families in Reigate with young children often find their drains blocked because of discarded small toys. Those who dispose of nappies and baby wipes down the toilet also end up have to pay out for drain clearance services.


Look out for similar sanitary items if you’re a grown-up too. It never ceases to amaze us just how strange some of the things we find in drainage systems actually are!


Winter Debris

Sometimes, the causes of blocked drains in Reigate are more natural. If you tend to your garden regularly but don’t clear up well enough, debris blown into the system by the wind can be enough to leave your home with a drain blocked. Leaves falling from trees in the autumn also cause blockages, so we recommend a regular tidy-up during this season.


Roots also cause a blocked drain because they draw to the nearest water source. They can even invade pipework by causing cracks and growing through them.

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