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FAQ’s about Blocked Drains in Reigate

At RAC Drainage & Maintenance of Banstead, we get asked many questions about blocked drains and how we deal with them for customers in nearby Reigate and the surrounding areas. As you can see below, we’ve answered some of the more commonly-asked enquiries we receive about drains blocked on a regular basis.


There’s a drain blocked in the front garden of my Reigate house. Is it my responsibility or the council’s to deal with it?

If the drain is in your front garden going to the pavement, it’s your responsibility to deal with it. We can be with you shortly and offer you a free, no-obligation quote on our blocked drain services.


I’ve got a blockage in my toilet and I’m really concerned about waste that won’t flush away becoming a health issue. Can you help?

We will be with you as soon as possible to flush the drain blocked. If you and your family can use a neighbour’s toilet in the meantime, we’d recommend it. In your own Reigate property, open a window but shut the door until we Arrive. This should stop any unpleasant smells from drifting across your home.


There’s water that keeps reappearing in my sink. What should I do?

Hair is a common issue for blocked drains underneath the sink. We should be able to remove any drain blocked with debris quickly and easily. This should return your sink flow back to normal immediately.


There’s a blocked drain in my Reigate garden. I’ve opened up the cover and tried to unblock with a long pole but to no avail.  What do you suggest?

We have a team who will be with you as soon as possible and, if the drains blocked are not shifting under conventional methods, we’ll use our high-pressure jet washer. This has the capacity to clear nearly all blocked drains in Reigate and the surrounding Surrey area.


We think we have an internal crack in our pipe as water keeps appearing. A company has offered to replace the pipe but I’d like a second opinion.

We can offer CCTV surveys before any work takes place to see exactly what the problem is. This helps us pinpoint the problem and we’ll make a rational, cost-effective decision on work to be done once we’ve seen what’s causing the blocked drain or cracked pipe at your Reigate property.


Do drains blocked at my workplace in Reigate cost more than household clearances?

No, we charge the same rates, whatever your location and whichever service you need.


If you have any queries about a blocked drain in the Reigate area, please call us now on 01737 356886 (9am-5pm) or 07799 146211 (24 hour).